Hurricane Protection and Energy Efficiency

Portfolio Categories: Residential.

High end single family home located on Fort Lauderdale Beach. This project combined a bi-folding Eurowall door with storefront to provide our customer with state-of-the art hurricane protection and the most energy efficient impact glass on the market.

Miami South Fork Marina

Portfolio Categories: Commercial.

Using a combination of fixed casements, projected casements and storefront doors, Latitude Windows successfully met the stringent requirements of the Architect, Owner, Miami Dade Standards, and Florida Building Code.

The windows, doors and storefronts look terrific. I have enjoyed working with Latitude on this project and quite frankly was amazed at how beautifully the windows fit into the pre-cast openings. Thank you so much for a fabulous job. – Finlay Matheson, Owner of South Fork Marina

Historic Home Renovation Miami

Portfolio Categories: Residential.

This historic home is located in the Bayside neighborhood of Miami and was built in 1908. At the request of the Miami Historic Preservation Board, Latitude fabricated custom 4×4 aluminum tube mullions to use between single hung windows in order to replicate the original look of the property.